Operation Peace Spring

I received a lot of critics, private messages from my friends who live in UK, about Turkish Operation Peace Spring in Northern Syria.

Some of them were extremely emotional and criticizing the attitude of Turkey against to Kurds.

US and EU media is crazily screaming about how their allies Kurds has been betrayed by Trump and Turkey should be severally punished by economical sanctions, tariffs and other ways.

So I am confused little bit with those comments. Highly disappointed. Let’s clarify some facts that you don’t want to understand again..

1. Turkey is not invading Syria ! Turkey has started this operation in order to build a buffer zone due to the existence of all terrorist elements of PKK & ISIS-DAES in the region.

2. Turkey have been warning US, NATO, Russia and all EU countries who ALWAYS ignorant about terrorist attacks of PKK-YPG, which created in last 40 years more than 40.000 death and misery in our families.

3. Yes Turkey is the invader country who welcomed more than 4 million Syrian refugees and keeping them in our country safely while the REST OF THE WORLD has been shamefully ignoring and neglecting. I love the humanitarian values of West a lot.

4. Same so called invader Turkey is the such a vicious country who opened her borders in March 16 , 1988 in Northern Iraq when Saddam Hussein slaughtered almost 50.000 Kurds with using chemical weapons. Nearly 1,2 millions Kurds crossed Turkish borders and Turkey called an international humanitarian aid and response of Western world was heartbreaking and great deal of embarrassment !

5. You called PKK-YPG militants as hero and ally but never asked this important question. Have they cleared out ISIS-DEAS yet.

Answer is absolutely NO ! still more than 70.000 ISIS-DEAS operatives are all around Northern Syria and part of Northern Iraq.

President Obama (maybe domestically he was perfect) unfortunately ruined the all the balances of Middle East with ignoring Turkey and using PKK (which is officially terrorist organization by US Senate 🤣) as a leverage tool , thanks Barrack 👊🏻!

6. International relations DOES NOT mean that everything should be in benefits of Western World , Western Corporates. This can not be international relations , this could be international comedia !

TURKEY is proudly independent country and our allies do not act as an allies and leave us ALONE, we know how to take any precautions for the safety of our country. This is not a 300 years old young state, Turkish Republic has been carrying the legacy of 3000 years of history and State culture of Turks .


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